Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Juicy Post

So, I am excited like a kid at Christmas.  I ordered a juice extractor for fruits/vegetables online (Wal-mart) ... and it came in the mail today.  Don't laugh at me, I can't afford the Vitamix and Jack Lalane, etc. ... so I am starting simple, just to fall in love with juicing, and I'll upgrade later.

I know absolutely nothing about juicing.  Any juice that has ever entered this body has been from Jamba Juice (tee hee), or fresh from the fruit itself, or like apple juice from a bottle at the supermarket (rarely).  I have been reading so many recipes, and following people on FB who juice, and I am excited to give some of these things a try.  Just for variety purposes, and to maybe get some veggies into me that otherwise may never enter my tummy.

I am going to have fun with the kids too - - they love to help and make up smoothie creations, so I am eager to see what juice brainstorms they will concoct.

So for less than $40, I got a new toy.  I know there are far better ones out there, but this will do for now ... wish me luck - - and send me your juicing recipes!

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