Thursday, April 26, 2012

26 Years Ago

So, I'm not entirely sure why this dawned on me this morning, but 26 years ago today I walked a 26K marathon and then turned around and went to my prom that night.  I was 16 years old.

Granted, many people told me I was nuts to walk that marathon and do my prom the same night.  Of course I was stubborn and did it anyway.  The marathon was a tradition for me and my best friend, so I was determined to see it through.   The one problem I did not anticipate was that my feet would be swollen from the walking.  For the prom, I had these amazing shoes that I just HAD to have to go with the dress, and with the swollen feet, it was a nightmare.  They barely fit.  I hardly danced at all at my own prom and I think I was home by 11, on the very night I had permission to be out later.  I was SO tired.

Why do we do things like that?  I know I was a teenager, but we get something in our head that it just HAS to happen ... and we go for it.  I don't regret it, truly I don't.  I just wish I could have that kind of resolve in my present day.  I need to pick a marathon or a walk or something, pay the registration fee, and the commit to it.  I am sad to confess I have not done any kind of marathon or walk for charity like that since the very day I'm referring to above.

And once I find the race or walk that I am going to do ... I will not likely dance in heels that same evening.

Be a Champion!