Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Doctor Adventures

So I have three medical conditions that I deal with. These conditions need monitoring, and they make my weight loss adventures quite slow and challenging. Here are the conditions:

(1) Anemia (2) PCOS and (3) Hypothyroidism.

Because of these 3 conditions, they take my blood regularly and monitor things like iron, testosterone levels (problem I deal with because of PCOS) and thyroid levels, etc. I really oh really hate having to get blood drawn because I have skinny veins that roll a lot, and it is an ordeal. Very few people actually get it right on the first stick, so I usually end up with them having to get someone else and several pokes/sticks and a bruised arm or arms/hands to show for the trouble.

Recently, I went to do the blood thing, as usual. I am a good girl and follow orders so even though it is an inconvenient irritation, I do it because my dr. needs those numbers to monitor my health. This last time I went, I waited well over an hour. Fast forward a few days later and the dr. calls and says your lab results are 'abnormal' but we can't discuss it over the phone, come in for a visit. Had to wait a week to even get the appointment.

So today I go in for that appointment. Doctor says thyroid levels are wonky and he wants to change my medication. Okay fine, no big deal. Then he tells me that the lab messed up and they did not check everything they were suppose to check and only tested thyroid and therefore I have to go draw blood AGAIN. Oh yes, I'm just thrilled at the wasted time I spent there before, so eager to do it again, note the sarcasm in my voice.

So they shuffle me off to the lab on another floor, I sign in, wait for an eternity. They finally call my name, I go to the window and she says 'are you fasting?'. Um, no I am not - I wasn't suppose to draw blood today, I ate breakfast. She says 'oh okay, let me call dr. to see if that is really necessary'. So I wait and wait and wait some more. Then she calls me back to the window to tell me that yes I do indeed need to be fasting. Gee, it would have been nice to know that BEFORE I wasted all this time waiting, ya think? Then GET this ... she says to me, and I quote 'so you'll just have to come back in tomorrow morning when you're fasting, unless of course you want to change your answer'. Um, say what? She was dead serious. OMG, why on Earth would I LIE about my health to lab professionals or a doctor. I have no interest or desire to have false results and have to do this yet again. I cannot believe she actually asked me if I wanted to change my answer.

So, yes, I will go to do blood work tomorrow, but you better believe it will be somewhere different.

Sorry for the rant, this just annoyed me to no end. But I'm okay - I'm not dying or anything ... I don't have any terminal illness and in the big picture, I'll be okay - so I have much to be thankful for.

Choices, people, we have choices. And I am greatly appreciative that I can choose a different lab, and if need be, a different doctor.

As always, make champion choices,

Friday, October 11, 2013

Back By Popular Demand...

Back by popular demand, one of my poem creations:

'Start By Eating'

You must eat this, don't eat that .. too many carbs, but not enough fat.
Try this superfood, juice for your life ... cook all meals, like a good little wife.

Cardio is the answer, weights are the key ... eat six meals, no wait, only three.
Running is great, but not for you ... now go for intervals, in all that you do.

What is your heart rate, what is your pace?  I'd rather walk, then join a race.
Hows your cholesterol? How's your BP?  Now go tell me, the color of your pee.

Drink your water, but not too much.  Eat your veggies and fruits and such.
Avoid all soda, you know it's so bad... and sugar explains every ill you've had.

Gluten is the devil, or is it just wheat?  Now count those calories and all that you eat.
Salt is horrible - but sea salt is great?  Which leads to a whole other lively debate.

You're eating to much!  You don't eat enough!  And aim for abs, to be totally buff.
Skinny is now out, Curves are now in.  Do you eat for health or starve to be thin?

Do you follow the crowd, or lead the way? Or, do you just follow the diet of the day?
Do you read so much, you just get stuck?  Analysis Paralysis just breeds the bad luck.

Do something, or anything, but move your feet.  And by all means, if you're hungry, EAT!
Willpower is overrated. Motivation is fleeting.  If you want to lose weight, start by eating!

As Always, Make Champion Choices,

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Passive-Aggressive Fat Shaming

Trolls, yeah, hate them.  We all know the trolls who gallivant all over Facebook fitness pages and blogs, spew their venom, ignite social media fights, insult and agitate ... yeah, they're easy to spot.  They are ugly. They are so very easy to see coming.  Their fat shaming tactics are rather obvious and simple to ignore, because you know that their motive is ill-guided and that their attacks are not really personal towards you anyway, it's just grandstanding looking for attention.  You can keep your guard up with trolls, because they are so obvious.

But what about the attacks to your self-esteem that are not so obvious?  The countless images you see day in and day out that subtly suggest you are not quite perfect.  The headless women with abs of steel with text that indicates if you just tried a little harder, maybe you'd look like that.  They don't come out and say anything is wrong with you - - they leave you to draw your own conclusion.   But human nature tends to compare.  Why do I have cellulite and she doesn't?  When will I ever have a thigh gap?  Why won't my abs cooperate?  Well it must be because my diet isn't clean enough, or I don't work out long enough or hard enough - or simply - I am not enough.   I dare you to stop comparing yourself to others, especially strangers and photo-shopped models ... and START comparing yourself to the only person that matters anyway - YOU!

I hate tag lines like 'go hard or go home'.  You know what, sometimes showing up is half the battle.  I'd hate for someone to skip a fun class or bypass the gym simply because they didn't have it in them to hit it hard. Sometimes, we just need to put one front in front of the other, sometimes we just need to show up.

Guard your eyes, guard your ears and protect your self-worth.  Subscribe to media that encourages and motivates; not humiliates.

Be careful who you let into your psyche.  Trolls are easy to evict, ban and block.  But what about your 'Best Facebook Friend' or 'Favorite Blogger' who continuously posts unrealistic pictures, tag lines and images of bodies that very few can achieve.  Their intent may not be ill, but the passive-aggressive fat shaming can still have damaging effects.

Stand your ground, clean up your diet in more ways than one.   Not all trolls are ugly.

As always, make champion choices,

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