Wednesday, December 26, 2012

1,000 Miles in 2013

So, let's get busy and make tracks.  Indoor/outdoor - does not matter.  Run, walk, bike, swim ... use your pedometer, use your FitBit, use your elliptical ...pop in a DVD, whatever works for you ... let's cover 1,000 miles in 2013.  Who is with me?   I've created a public event for this effort on Facebook, here is the link:

On your mark, get so - GO!

As always, make champion choices!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fiction, Take Me Away!

Lord knows, this mama loves books ... I have entirely too many books.  I think I probably need to gather some up and donate to Good Will or try to sell them at Half Price Books here locally.  Some people suggest selling them on the internet, but honestly - that's more work than I care to get into at the moment, especially during the Christmas holiday season.

One thing I have asked for as a 'gift' this holiday season is a KindleFire.  I don't know if I am going to get it or not, but I am pretty convinced it would be a fun toy.   I have no intention to abandon the good old fashioned book that you can hold in your hand and write in the margins, but there are plenty of things I imagine would do well in an electronic format.  What about you?  Have you gone over the fence to electronic reading, or do you still have piles and piles of books in your home like I do?  Granted, most of mine are on shelves, but I do have piles here and there as well.   This picture above is just a small sampling of my inventory, not nearly everything I own.

But it occurred to me - - I never read fiction anymore.  I seemed to be consumed with health and fitness and motivation, and nutrition and things like that.  I am studying to become a certified personal trainer, and so everything I read - seems to be along those lines.  I think I need a good old fashioned romance novel or adventure story.  Not sure what I need - but I think I am longing for an enchanting story to take me away to far off islands or something.   I need suggestions.  GO!  What fiction books do you suggest?  And don't say '50 Shades of Grey'.

As always, make champion choices,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

No Flu Tea?

Since 70% or your immune system is in your intestinal tract, it is important to nourish your gut. Soups made with meat, poultry or fish stock help to improve immune function, conserve energy through easier digestion and they nourish the intestinal tract itself.   Now while this meme up above calls itself 'NO Flue Tea', I'm thinking it is probably more like 'No Flu Soup'.  At any rate, sounds like a good thing to create.

I have been lucky (or blessed) ... I have not had the flu this year and none of my family has battled this either.  Do you guys believe in the flu shot?  Do you believe in home remedies?  Has anyone here battled the flu this season?  I surely hope not.  If you have tips or tricks - - please share!  Meanwhile, stay healthy!  Build up that immune system.  And by all means - - wash those hands!

As always, make champion choices,

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Debra Diet

The Debra Diet

I believe in eating whole unprocessed foods that come from nature as much as possible. I believe in fueling my body with nutrient dense foods for optimal performance in exercise and functional fitness in life. Longevity is my aim and I need to be able to keep up with the kids. I believe in moving your body in whatever way inspires you to get up and move it. I believe in exercising most days of the week if humanly possible, and let's face it - it is usually possible. I believe in getting good rest. I believe in drinking tons of water. I do not get hung up on spring water vs. distilled water, etc. Water is water and I love to drink it. Finally, I do NOT believe in restricting any certain foods, food groups or macro-nutrients. Carbs are not evil and bacon is not the devil's tongue. Fruit is enjoyed in abundance around here. I don't even believe Sugar is poison or wheat is killing us. If you do, that is great for you, stick to your beliefs just as I stick to mine. I don't label food into groups and I exclude nothing 100%. I believe in enjoying food the way God intended us to do, and not using it as poison or weapons. If you have food addiction issues, it's not about the food - it's about something else, and until you figure that out, you'll always struggle. I do not believe I should have to put a label on my food choices. If something makes me feel like crap, I don't eat it. If it gives me energy, I go for it. It's called the 'The Debra Diet' because my name is Debra and I eat what is best for ME.

~ Running For Dummies Blog posted some words in a recent blog that really spoke to me because I could almost have written them myself. I am paraphrasing here to state my own philosophy on eating, but wanted to give credit for the inspiration to do so.~