Sunday, July 22, 2012

Study Yourself

I did not write this, but man oh man do I agree 100% ... could NOT have said it better myself. 

Words by: Metabolic Effect 

We humans are funny, we would rather be looking for a program compared to actually doing one. This is why many people bounce around from protocol to protocol and from diet to diet without ever making progress. The assumption is that there is a protocol out there somewhere that is perfectly suited to you. This is a fallacy, and part of the reason people struggle so mightily with change. There is no perfect program!! Body change is not a protocol it is a process. The only way to achieve long-term body change is to take the time to understand your metabolic expression, psychological sensitivities and personal preferences. From there you build your own program by following the process over-time. You learn, you practice and then you master one element at a time until you slowly create a new lifestyle. One that controls hunger, elevates energy, reduces cravings and delivers health, fitness and fat loss. It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. The faster you start studying yourself and stop studying every one else and every new program on the market the faster you become an expert in you and change for good!

As always, make champion choices,