Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm Abnormal

Drum Roll Please... so my doc mailed me some test results from last week's ultrasound. Apparently I am 'abnormal'. It says, and I quote, "1 cm cyst, left ovary. 1 cm well-defined hypoechoic structure in the right ovary, possibly a hemorrhagic cyst. Suggest short-interval sonographic followup. Please follow up with gynecologist." Lovely. What the heck does all THAT mean? Why do they mail such things, no phone call or nothing. Okay - so I guess I need to go see the gyno! I needed to do that anyway, so I'll go ahead and find me a new one here in my new city of San Antonio. I really liked my OBGYN in Houston, but I am not driving 3 hours to see her! 

I also have elevated testosterone levels, whatever that means. 

Meanwhile I got one heck of a charlie horse last night and it was very painful, so much so that today my calf is bruised. But I'm working it out. 

At any rate; Wish me luck. 
As always, make champion choices!