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Knee Pain ANYONE ?

This article is for anyone who suffers from knee pain (like me) ;-)
How to Reduce Knee Pain During Exercises Like Burpees 
Aug 18, 2011 | By Juliet Wilkinson 

Your knees take a lot of abuse on a daily basis. They are involved in almost all your movements and as such, it's easy to understand how knee pain could interfere with your workout. There are ways to prepare your knees for whole body workouts, such as burpees, by strengthening the supporting structures. Taking good care of your knees may actually reduce some of the post-workout pain. Check with your doctor before exercising on a bad knee, you could inadvertently do more damage than good.

Knee Care

Step 1
Wear proper athletic shoes every time you exercise. The cushioned soles and proper arch support may help relieve the knees and back, and keep everything in proper alignment.

Step 2

Complete at least 5 minutes of aerobics prior to stretching. You can jog, walk briskly or do any activity that get your heart rate up and your blood circulating.

Step 3

Stretch the muscles that support your knees, such as the hamstrings and quadriceps, prior to performing burpees. The hamstrings are the muscles that allow you to bend the knee, whereas the quadriceps help you straighten them.

Step 4 
Complete daily strengthening exercises to build up your hamstrings and quadriceps.

Step 5

Eliminate any steps of the burpee that cause you pain, such as jumping, or work up to them slowly.

Step 6

Do not let your knees extend over your toes while squatting for the burpee. Start with a mini-squat -- don't worry if you cannot touch the floor during the burpee -- and work your way closer to the floor over time. You can also step your feet back -- as opposed to jumping them back -- to reduce strain on your knees.

Step 7

Apply ice to your knees for 10 to 20 minutes after exercise. Ice decreases tissue swelling and pain after exercise.

Exercise to Strengthen Your Quadriceps for Burpees

Step 1

Sit in a chair with your back straight and your feet touching the floor. Extend your feet in front of you and let your heels touch the floor.

Step 2

Tighten and flex the muscles on the tops of your thighs by focusing on the quadriceps muscles and contracting them.

Step 3

Hold the contraction for 10 seconds if possible, then release and wait for three seconds before repeating. Work up to 10 repetitions daily.

Exercise to Strengthen Your Hamstrings for Burpees

Step 1

Sit in a chair with your back straight and you feet flat on the floor. Push your heels into the floor and hold.

Step 2

Pull your heels towards your body without physically moving your feet -- try to feel the flexion in the backs of your thighs.

Step 3

Hold the contraction for 10 seconds and then release. Aim for 10 repetitions on each side.

Tips and Warnings

•Start a weight-loss program if you are overweight. Each pound puts additional and unnecessary strain on your joints.
•Do not attempt knee exercises or stretches if you have torn ligaments or prior knee surgery without first consulting your

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