Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fabulous Weekend

The weather here, this weekend, has been amazing.  Very energizing for outdoor activity.  We visited a Japanese Tea Garden yesterday and it was just breathtakingly beautiful.  Kids had a blast.  Then we went to a natural park area and climbed hills, followed hiking trails.  So fun.  I think we definitely wore the kids out big time.

Meanwhile; I have been battling migraines since my car accident in February - - but I'm trying to deal with as best I can.  It was suggested to me to visit a chiropractor, so I definitely think I shall do just that.  I missed out on doing a MS Walk I was suppose to do Saturday, so that definitely made me sad.

This afternoon, I made an online purchase today for some various Quest bars.  I cannot wait to get them.  They were suggested by a friend, so I am eager for their arrival.  I had also ordered some PB2 online, and it is here already.  I am discovering so many cool new things.

Let me just say I love my new city.  San Antonio is amazing, and it has lots of opportunities for outdoor adventure, cultural events, etc.   I am so happy the Lord blessed us and moved us here.  God is so good.

Gear up for a great week, and as always, make champion choices.

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