Friday, May 23, 2014

Moment of Truth

So you know how a song can totally take you back in time to a certain place or person/event, well I heard an old Billy Joel song this morning and it immediately took me back to my high school cafeteria days, who I always sat with and the song I played on the juke box. What suddenly stood out in my mind like a flash of lightning was that all through high school, every day for lunch, I would buy a chocolate milk and two orders of french fries. Seriously, that's what I ate for lunch every day. Very few people called me out on it, and if they did, I just told them to shove off. Amazing how early disordered eating habits start. 

I was a normal weight in high school, but as soon as I graduated - the weight started piling on. I did not go to college; I got a job, got my own place, I just ate out constantly and never cooked. I was not remotely concerned about nutrition; and whatever exercise I got as a teenager quickly faded as I threw myself into my career. My mom died right when I was graduating high school, so I'm sure that played a factor as well. 

I'm tempted to say something like 'why didn't anybody stop me, or shake me up, or slap me?' ... but in all honesty, if they had, I probably would not have listened. Not sure where I'm going with all this or what my point is exactly ... except that you can't change people, and you can't even HELP them change until they're ready. 

My moment of Truth came on a playground when my 4 year old daughter asked me to sit in a swing, and I could not, because my 320 pound butt did not fit. Sometimes your moment of Truth is small and almost subtle, but its yours - and sometimes it's a wake-up call at the dr. when you get a bad report. And sometimes, it takes us SEVERAL moments of truth ... and that's okay too.

And with that, I hope you sleep well tonight, happy and at peace with the choices you made throughout the day.  AND if not - well tomorrow is a new day!

Now, I'll leave you with my mantra ... 

Always make champion choices ...