Monday, January 13, 2014

Remember When?

  • Remember when paying for dial up was insane?
  • Remember when paying for cable internet was stupid when it was free or even cheap through dial up?
  • Remember when paying for a bottle of water was ridiculous and you would never do that?
  • Remember when the internet was a fad?
  • Remember when you couldn't really get a good workout from a home fitness video?
  • Remember when your flip phone was good enough?
  • Remember when paying more than $20 for a pair of jeans would never happen in your household?
  • Remember when you didn't "get" facebook?
  • Remember when you thought to eat healthy you had to only eat salads?
  • Remember when you thought it was crazy to have a shake as a normal part of your daily meals?
  • Remember when I weighed over 300 pounds?  Well, probably not, but I DO, and I never want to go there again, that is for sure.
Do you get the point here on how things change and we validate what we feel is a necessity? 
As insane as something sounds to you right now, it may just be second nature very soon.
It's time to create your very own success story. 
How can I help? 

As always, make champion choices,

Modified from a post by:  Christine Dwyer