Sunday, September 29, 2013

Are you a vacationer, prisoner or a sponge?

Alright people - I'm not usually one for labels, but let's give this one a try, okay? With regard to how you are living your life: Are you a vacationer, prisoner or a sponge? 

(1) If you're a vacationer, you are happily going through life without a care in the world, always out for a good time, lookin' for the party. The problem is, you're not taking responsibility for anything either, after all, you're on vacation. Not worried about responsibility for your community, your body, your health, your family, your job, nothin'! This may be all fun and games in the moment, but as you probably already know, it will eventually catch up with you, and you really will WISH you had taken more responsibility for the things that matter. 

(2) If you're a prisoner, you are living your life in hell, within your own prison, that you have created with walls and bars, because you are punishing yourself ... for what? I have no idea, God only knows - - but you are perpetually and continuously living out a punishment, that is self-inflicted, serving a life sentence. The good news is - there is hope for parole. The only catch is that you are not only a prisoner, you are also the jailer .. and the only one who can set you free is YOURSELF. Break free from these limiting walls you've put up in your life, stop punishing yourself, before the life sentence becomes a death sentence. 

(3) If you're a sponge ... you are soaking it all in. You are embracing life and enjoying the journey, cherishing the moments, learning lessons, and expanding to be better with every ounce of tears shed or laughter emitted. You are taking responsibility for the things you know you should; and you are not in anybody's prison, especially not your own. Soak it up baby ... life was meant to be devoured. 

So do tell - are you a vacationer, a prisoner or a sponge? If you don't like your answer. Change it. 

As always, make champion choices,