Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What Does It Look Like?

What Does It
Look Like?

Success is a circle, 
no beginning - no end. 
A journey, unfolding ... 
an adventure within. 

Draw yourself a circle, 
create eyes open to see, 
that you are becoming, 
what you were meant to be. 

Draw yourself a circle, 
bigger than the last ... 
draw a mouth that smiles, 
when thinking of the past. 

Trace the inner circle, 
sketch a nose, oh anywhere... 
a nose that smells success, 
success that you will share. 

Trace the outer circle, 
create ears upon both sides... 
to listen for the wisdom... 
letting heroes be your guides. 

So what does it look like ... 
what does it look like to you? 
Ponder the paper scribbles, 
then grab a mirror for what is true. 

Success is your own reflection, 
no beginning, and no end ... 
master your own adventure, 
it looks like what is within. 

Author: Debra Sue Higginbotham 
a.k.a. (Healthy Habit Girl)

Now go make champion choices!